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What happens when your heart is full? What happens when all the love you gave, and all the love you lost collide? Do you run from the pain and curl up in a shell? Do you release it in a song? This diva, and lyricist has done just that. She's taken the hurt and made it beautiful. "Lyric's of My Heart" speaks to the soul of every woman. We've all been there, somewhere in the words of these pages lies our story.  

Jessica Spraggins has captured the essence of a young woman's experiences from youth to adulthood. There are so many ups and downs in life and love. There are the ups and downs of childhood love that was lost or never really gains, the loss of innocence, the gaining of strength. These are the lyrics that the heart sings to deal with the pain.

Enjoy these poems. Read them with your favorite glass of wine and visit upon The Lyrics of My heart.

Lyrics of My Heart

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