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The intent of “A Bundle of Early Life” is simply to record for my family and others who are interested, remembrances of growing up in Pratt.  Nothing more; nothing less.

This afternoon as I write, I’m sitting on the front porch of my house (built in 2005).  I am looking at the hay field, the corn patch, the pasture with a few horses.  To my left is Mama and Daddy’s house (built in 1953).  This is where Keylon and I grew up.  Straight ahead is Ma and Pa Gholston’s house (built in 1890).  To my right is Keylon & Teresa’s house (built in 1981).  Much of the scene is the same as the time from which I write, and much is different.  Such is life.

Some aspects of Gholston Farm have varied, but the joy of life here remains constant.  No matter where I have lived, worked or traveled, the longing for the farm has always been.

In these memories I have the blessing of returning to the time, place and people who molded me, taught me, inspired me and “grew” me.  Come with me…

My Bundle of Early Life

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