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If your book needs editing, there is a $100 consultation fee for manuscript evaluation. (fee deducted from publishing package when you decide to publish with us!


Why you need it, and the cost of getting it done!

Editing is more than a period here, a coma there. It is making sure every aspect of your story flows cohesively. Have your written in the scenery. “It was a hot sweltering day. The leaves on the trees were as still as the air was thick. There was not a breeze in sight as Julia wiped away the drops of sweat that ran from her forehead into her eyes.” Are you showing your readers instead of telling them. Here is an example:


I was so happy that I received a letter in the mail I couldn’t help myself.


As I slid my finger through the envelope to open it, my heart seemed to jitter. The excitement of what it may contain caused me to play scenarios in my mind. I imagined my acceptance speech before thousands.


Types of Editing

Line Editing/Story Development, have you created a story that builds a plot? Is there a resolution? Are there ghost characters that just seem to appear out of nowhere? Line Editing, is your story being told in a coherent way, is it creative does it have a vibe or flow.

Copy Editing, makes sure your manuscript adheres to standard English rules of writ.

Proofreading focuses on punctuation and grammar.


The cost of editing is between .02 to .04 per word depending on the state and stage of the manuscript. There is a $100 consultation fee for your manuscript to be evaluated. The fee will be deducted from publishing package you choose. 

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