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Frequently Asked Questions!

  1. How is my manuscript submitted? Your manuscript must be typed and submitted through email. It can be in .doc or pdf format.

  2. Is Editing included in my package? Editing is included in our premium and prime packages. It is available with our basic packages for an additional $300 dollars.

  3. Will I see my book before it is placed for sell? Yes. After editing, you will receive a proof also know as a galley, of your book. This will allow you to examine it for any last and final edits before it goes into distribution.

  4. Where will my book be sold? All of our packages include online distribution to all major bookseller, libraries, and universities. It will be for sell online at all major booksellers such at Barnes & Noble™, Amazon™, Walmart™, Target™, etc. Your book will require it to have a 40% discount off of retail for any store to sell it online.

  5. How do I have my book placed on shelves in brick and mortar stores? For a book to be available for brick and mortar placement it must be returnable. Returnable means the book can be sold back to the publisher if it doesn’t sell. Liberation’s offer book returnability with our Premium and Prime publishing packages. A Second requirement for brick and mortar placement is to give the bookseller at least a 55% discount off of retail value. Keep in mind your book is a product, and the reseller must make a profit from your product.

  6. Does Liberation’s Publishing setup author signing? Liberation’s does try to set up author signing for its authors. We cannot guarantee that we can get you placed in every store you desire. We will do our best to work with local books stores in your area.

  7. Does Liberation’s Publishing market my book? Liberation’s does market your book for the first month after its release. We do this in the form of ads and advertisements on our social media platforms. It is important that you start to build your audience for your book before it is released.

  8. How do I order more books once I run out? You can always order more copies by emailing Liberation’s Publishing with how many books you’d like. You will be emailed an invoice to pay before the end of day. We are in the process of creating an app just for author copies.

  9. What is the best way to market my book? Using your social media is the best way to build an audience. You will be surprised of how excited people you don’t know will want to buy your book.

  10. Should I enter my books in awards? Yes you should try to enter contest and get reviews for your book. This will increase your visibility. Here is a list of a few.  PenCraft Awards - Best Indie Book Award - Reader’s Favorite - Pen America Literary Award

  11. Does Liberation Publishing Offer Illustrations? Yes, we have an in house illustrator.

  12.  Can I read my own audio book? Yes, you are able to read your own audio book. You must be able to follow the guide that will be sent to you. We recommend using an audio reader such as WavePad™ or Audacity™. These both have a free version.

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