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Nicole Mangum Owner and Visionary Liberation's Publishing

Our Mission

Our mission at Liberation's Publishing is to revolutionize the publishing journey, ensuring it resonates with inspiration and empowerment for the independent author. We've eliminated detrimental publishing practices, like exorbitantly priced packages or minimal initial author copies. Our objectives revolve around educating independent authors, arming them with knowledge, and connecting them to the broader literary universe, recognizing their book as a business venture.

Treading the path of publishing is a substantial commitment. It's essential to understand that publishing is a gateway to entrepreneurship. There's a common notion: "You should never pay to have your book published." But whether you choose traditional or hybrid publishing, someone invariably funds the publishing process. In traditional publishing, the publisher shoulders all costs (and retains rights), whereas hybrid publishing sees both the publisher and author sharing the expenses of introducing your book to the world. From marketing to editing, cover design to illustrations, publishing isn't without its costs. Your aim should be to partner with a publisher genuinely invested in the success of independent authors. And with Liberation's Publishing, you've found just that!

Our Vision is to become the industry standard in hybrid publishing,

by providing professionally published books that last from generation to generation!

CEO Nicole Mangum and Family

We are family owned!

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