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Our Mission

      Our mission is to create a publishing experience that inspires and uplifts the independent author every time. We have weeded out predatory publishing practices such as overpriced publishing packages and little to no author copies to start your business. Our goals are to educate independent authors, equip them, and introduce them to the publishing and literary world, even viewing their book as their business.

      Publishing their book is a big investment and should not be taken lightly. One thing that should be considered is publishing a book is entrance into entrepreneurship. Many will say, “You should never pay to have your book published.” Rather you traditionally or hybrid-published someone is always paying to publish your book. The difference is with traditional publishing your publisher incurs all cost (and rights) and with hybrid publishing the publisher and the author share the cost of bringing your book to market. Someone is paying for marketing, editing, cover design, illustrations, etc. Believe me it’s never free. Your goal is to find a publisher that has the Independent author’s success in mind. Here at Liberation’s Publishing, you have found it!

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