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We looked at the obstacles that independent authors faced when looking for a hybrid publisher and corrected them.


Our costs are some of the most competitive in the professional publishing world.

Author Copies

All of our packages have author copies so authors can start recouping your investment.

Professional Editing

The beast that must be tamed. Professional editing, proofreading, and grammar checks.


Professional Cover

Every cover is original and made to order for each book using the author’s vision.


Your book Online with all Major Booksellers!


Our publishing model centers on empowering independent authors to penetrate the close-knit world of published literature. No longer must you endure years of waiting only to face rejection for a title you've already garnered an audience for. The landscape of publishing is evolving, favoring the independent author. The traditional "Big Five" cannot predict the path independent publishing will take, especially with the influence of social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

Recognizing this shift, Liberation’s Publishing House saw the necessity for an Independent Publishing House that prioritizes authors. If your publishing journey resembled that of our CEO, Nicole Mangum, you likely felt shortchanged. Authors deserve to reap the most benefits from their hard work. After contributing to the production costs of a book, you should receive complimentary copies of the final product. We stress the importance of author copies because they not only aid in recouping costs but also enhance the author's sense of worth and accomplishment when strangers purchase their book.

At our core, we are dedicated to authors. We collaborate closely with each author, bringing their ideas and visions to fruition.

Our Editors Choice


Cover The Dragon and The Lighthouse.jpg

Mike Shelton

The Dragon in the Lighthouse

Front  Cover Fresh Burnt Laundry.jpg

Timothy Allen

Fresh Burnt Laundry

Edited Cover Red Umbrella -After The Rain Is Gone.jpg

Dianne Walker

After the Rain is Gone

Cover Rediscovering the Pastoral Call and Responsibilities.jpg

Dr. Jeffery Gladney

Rediscovering the Pastoral Call & Responsibilities

Our Award Winning Children's Books!

new dax covwer.jpg
To All The Girls In The World
My Classroom Bill of Rights
Meet My Mississippi Text Book
Table of Four

It's Cook Book Season

It's the perfect time of the year to start photographing your meals for your up coming cookbook!

It’s Cookbook Season.gif
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