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Books are forever, and what better way to leave a family legacy than by writing.  We've made, copyright registration, global distribution and generous author copies standard in all of our of our publishing packages!

  • Copyright registration – so that your book stays in your family from generation to generation

  • Global Distribution – so that wherever your readers are your book can reach them

  • Generous Author Copies – so that you have a product in hand to start recouping your investment

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Join our very own

Patricia Neely-Dorsey 

as she competes in the Miss Magnolia State Pageant

(Mrs. Division)

Nov 18, 19, 20

Vicksburg Mississippi

-Best Selling Author of Meet My Mississippi

Author Parley Caldwell has given the world the honor of sharing his life story, and it is bringing awareness to men’s mental health issues. The anger and confusion he felt towards his mother who inflicted years of abuse, led him down a rode of self-abuse, verbally, mentally, and physically. To escape the past that haunts him he turns to purging to rid himself of his demons only to realize the purging has takin a life of its own. This purging is what he called The Deed.

-Author of My Dark Deed

Patricia Neely-Dorsey

Patricia Neely-Dorsey

Meet My Mississippi

Parley Ed Caldwell

Parley Ed Caldwell

My Dark Deed

Evangelist Linda Lane

Linda Raleigh Lane


Deena Wingard

Deena Wingard


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