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Books are forever, and what better way to leave a family legacy than by writing.  We've made, copyright registration, global distribution and generous author copies standard in all of our of our publishing packages!

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For discerning authors seeking not just a publisher but a trusted partner in their literary journey, Liberation's Publishing stands out as a beacon of excellence. Our vision is clear and compelling: we aim to set the gold standard in hybrid publishing, delivering professionally crafted books designed to resonate through the ages. With a track record spanning nine years, our experience and dedication to quality are undeniable. Choosing hybrid publishing means wanting the best of both worlds, and at Liberation's Publishing, we ensure that your work is not only masterfully produced but also stands the test of time. Why settle for less when you can publish with the best? Entrust your legacy with us, and together, let's create literary masterpieces that future generations will cherish.

Dax's Adventures

Dax's Adventures is an introduction to helping your child build communication skills by assisting with the improvement of their verbal and non-verbal language. At C.T.S. LLC, our goal is to help children from birth to ten-years old gain independence by strengthening the development of fine motor skills, sensory motor skills, and visual motor skills that children need to function and socialize.

Fabulous Life by Elaine Neely & Patricia Neely-Doresy

Patricia is a writer, poet, thrift shop queen and self-proclaimed Down South Diva on a Dime. Her mother Elaine is a retired educator, voracious reader and life-long healthy lifestyle advocate. Through pictures, poems, and personal reflections, this mother and daughter duo share on subjects of food, fashion, fitness, family and faith in a way that will surely inspire others to embark upon their own journeys to live an absolutely FABULOUS LIFE!

The Promise by Angie Morrow


We love authors! Check out our new releases!

I Survived My Life Story by Deneatrice Ledbetter
Dream Love by Rufus Rawls
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