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Books are forever, and what better way to leave a family legacy than by writing.  We've made, copyright registration, global distribution and generous author copies standard in all of our of our publishing packages!

  • Copyright registration – so that your book stays in your family from generation to generation

  • Global Distribution – so that wherever your readers are your book can reach them

  • Generous Author Copies – so that you have a product in hand to start recouping your investment

Your book Online with all Major Booksellers!

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Liberation's Publishing is turning

9 Years Old!

Celebrate with us, Saturday April 8, 2023! Meet Independent Authors, Win prizes and gifts! Very kid friendly! Speak one on one with our Editor and learn what's needed to bring your manuscript to the world.


     Liberation’s Publishing is family owned started by Nicole Mangum. After experiencing the baptism of the Holy Ghost in 2004, God gave her a line of children’s books. In 2006 she started off by drawing the pictures then later on God by the Holy Spirit began to transpose those stories in poetry form, rhyme. God then informed her she would publish her own books. What was her response to that? “No, I’m not.” God began to lead her to various website that educated her on the publishing process. She studied and learned the industry, but thought it was too complicated to do on her own. She used an online company to publish her first book of the Jemima Love Bible Story series Aisha’s Lesson. It is still on the Xlibris™ website to this day.

         Having published her first book with an online publisher who brought her book to market, she understood the setbacks and discouragements that sometimes occur. She noticed that her book was overpriced and when she bought author copies her book was sold to her at a what seemed around 20-25% off of the retail price. There did not seem to be a way for her to profit. She went back to the words God had spoken to her when she first started writing children’s books in 2006, “You’re going to publish your own books.” She went out to searching and understanding the publishing process and incorporated her company April 8, 2014.

Nicole Mangum Owner

Meet My Mississippi Text Book

We are home of the  Multi-Bestselling
Meet My Mississippi Text Book!
Author Patricia Neely-Dorsey

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