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This book is a story of love of all kinds, Godly love, family love, and friendship. It tells of the love of a strong family growing up together, sharecropping land together, going on to own our own land together. I had a strong hardworking father and an equally hard-working mother. My mother was a woman of great faith, and I used that faith throughout my life. It has brought me many blessings and saved me from much harm. We were a large family and I was the oldest daughter, and I was taught to take care of the others. When it came time for love, it found me already promised to someone else. But anyone who knows love, knows that love always wins.

When I was thirteen, I was promised to a young man for courtship. This happened without any say so from me. He asked my mom if he could be the first to court me once I turned fourteen and she said yes. Fourteen was the magic age, but with my fourteenth birthday came my true love. It was love at first sight. During that time things were different. You actually courted. It was not obscene to have two beaus vying for your attention. I was caught in this dilemma without even being the one who caused it. You smile as you read how things turned out.

A Love Story to Remember: Daughter Of a Sharecropper

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