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Charlene, "La'Bet", Bardley Osatohanmwen, an ordained minister and founder of Broken but Not Wounded Ministry, authors the wounds of her life as a testimony to convey the power of God's love to rehabilitate the broken faith from the post damages of sin. Healed by divine love and driven by divine faith, Minister Osatohanmwen's mission is to spread God's words to women all over the world with a relatable story that encapsulates the power of broken, but not wounded faith. 

Although it is not God's will for us to endure pain and suffering, it is our choice to determine how we mend our spirit, 

broken or wounded. Because God has kept me. He healed me. Now that I am whole, I want to share my life-changing story with you. If you want to know what it takes to be healed, Christ is the way. I am a living testimony because he showed me the way. For me to see His purpose, I needed to be broken and imperfect for him to use me for his will. 

Broken but not Wounded!


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