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Transitioning from incarceration to freedom is not easy. It takes a made up mind as well as a village of people who are investing in seeing you succeed. During Jail ministry I've seen the revolving door inmates go through for drug use. It was this way for me. I've had ladies tell me, "Mrs. Julia when I get out, I'm going to leave the alcohol/dope alone, and be better. I'm going to get my kids back. I'm going to work and leave that person alone. I'm going to move on with my life and do and be better." I've heard so many hopeful things. Some have gotten out and stayed out for a while. Some got out, went to treatment, and are doing great. Some got out went and back into the system and are serving sentences in prison. Some I've gone to their funeral and given my condolences to their mothers and young children. Some got out and just decided they never want to go back, so they did what they had to do, to stay out. This books gives you some great steps to follow to ensure your successful transition.

Eight Steps to a Successful Release


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