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The sudden violent death of his father; the fatal decision of his mother to give Cedric and his 3 younger brothers away to the state; these two events marked the beginning of a life of suffering, strife, and degradation at the simple age of three for Cedric Doss. Yet and still, God was determined to have the word rooted in Cedric and his little brother LC, and did so by making their first foster home one that was full of God’s word and God’s love.

The Clemons taught the boys how to pray. Prayer and the word of God spoken over their lives at an early age was what would save their lives in the years to come. There was coming a time when Cedric and his little brother would be helpless, stripped naked, and close to death and only God’s word would deliver them out of the situation.

From Persecution to Praise is a whirlwind and emotional rollercoaster through the overt child abuse and neglect that shaped the young life of now Pastor Cedric Doss. This auto-biography will open your eyes to the history of the man. It’s easy to judge by first impressions. Once you know a man’s history everything changes. Cedric’s prayer is after reading this you’ll be a little more patient with others. Maybe you’ll have more longsuffering and kindness towards wayward youth. In that wayward youth may be the very deliverer the world has been crying for!

From Persecution to Praise

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