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Have you ever met a woman-

-Who was Annie Oakley, Scarlet O'Hara, and Eleanor Roosevelt all rolled into one?

-Who, on a Sunday morning, faced down desperadoes on a saloon porch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming?

-Who could out-barter, out-haggle, and out-dicker a conman?

-Who was an entrepreneurial, self-taught interior designer and gemologist and transformed that husband's watch repair shop into a dazzling emporium of jewels, fine China and crystal ... and flowers ... and hats ... and pianos ... and antiques?

-Who staged a one-woman campaign to bring racial justice and equal opportunity to Mississippi in the '50's and 60's?

-Who was a Renaissance woman-artist, musician, singer, dancer?


Let me introduce to you my mother, Josie Morris Ferguson

Josie a Memoir


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