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 I wasn’t sure how I wanted to present this book of poems to my readers. I searched non-stop working within myself to come up with ideas for this book. One night I was sitting at home and an idea hit me; “Why don’t I write a letter to my younger self?” “What age? I wasn’t sure. My first thought was to write a letter to my ten year old self. Then I thought, “maybe to my seven year old self.” Finally around midnight one night, I decided on my five year old self.

          This age I remember vividly; as I look back over my life, I realize that this age was the age when things started to unravel for me. What I hope that people take away from this book of poems is healing. We all have gone through trails in this thing called life (if you haven’t-keep living) but we all have power to overcome whatever it is. Admitting that there are stumbling blocks that occur on our way to our destiny, can be the thing that helps carry us to our destiny.

          I hope this book helps some young girl or boy, who thinks it’s too late, love themselves more than the hate they may feel for someone else; for love conquers hate.

Mending a Broken Heart

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