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I began to delight in the presence of God. The stain of sin is no longer in my life because Jesus paid the price. It is by His Grace I am saved and made whole. The chains of bondage in my life were like the heavy vegetation in a stagnated swamp. Now I am free, and He that the Son set free is free indeed. (John 8:36) I realized that I had been a born-again Christian, but my life was stuck like a “murky swamp” that represents the darkness of sin, deception, gloom and despair, anxiety and depression in my life. The swamp represented a marsh wetland area where stagnated water covers the ground for a long period of time. No trees grow in the swamp, but the beautiful lotus flower always bloom in spite of the murky water with rotting vegetation in its environment. Your heart can be purged of the murky sins of offense, envy, pride and jealousy and rebellion. You can live and walk in God’s purpose and plans for your life as you surrender your will to His plan for your life through the Word of God. You may not see yourself in the season of an Oak or Palm tree with roots running deep in the ground being firmly rooted for years. Be a Lotus and bloom where you are planted. As you pursue God and His purpose for your life and allow Holy Spirit to transform your mind, spirit and body.

My Delight Is In Him

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