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I developed Plan-her Queendom to empower and equip women to organize their lives. In doing so, they become productive, successful, powerful changemakers. Literally half of the seven billion people on the planet are female, yet a white woman in the United States makes 80 cents for every dollar a white man makes (black women make 70 cents and Hispanic women make 60 cents. If 50% of global population suffers daily discrimination, increased risk of assault, and all kinds of other delightful problems just by virtue of being female, we can say that empowerment should be a top priority.
Women empowerment is about women coming to realize their worth and potential in a male dominated world. As women we must possess self-worth, confidence, and freedom to choose what we may regarding our lives. We seek to uplift and stimulate confidence in other women by providing a nurturing, positive environment for polishing and sharpening skills through training, education, awareness, and a space to express herself freely.

Plan-Her Queendom!

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