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This book is written in several different genres. We hope that it helps to hold the readers attention. It is different from a collection of essays and different from a book of poetry. Several writings styles are employed in an effort to convey the information from different angles.

One of our goals is to further expose that we are headed toward extinction at an accelerating pace. Our future depends on us reversing course. Genocide is not the only problem. We are helping to destroy everything on the planet in service to a system that morally and ethically opposes Nature. We describe the system as an illusion of white supremacy.

Our survival instinct should cause a desire to break free from this system. This is the primary thesis of the book. We first have to recognize we are headed toward extinction. Second, we have to develop the will to survive. Third, we create strategies that enable us to change course. Fourth, we implement solutions. These are basic components of our philosophy of freedom.

The Healing BALM is a non-violent, but revolutionary Black American Liberation Movement. The organization continues the enlightened research of freedom fighters that have gone before us. We still charge dominant culture with genocide; we are committed to the notion that truth, with awareness and clarity can enable us to become free.

Reversing Genocide: The Moral Philosophy of Freedom Volume One

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