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What happens when love in all its purity is turned into a weapon? What happens when what sounds like love and feels like love is found out to be nothing but a screenplay with you playing the star role as prey? See, we've all been caught up in "love." What we thought was just you and he ended up being you he and she and God knows who else. But even in knowing something inside of you wants to stay with the lie. We go into the dark places of our mind and create a place for this twisted love to exist. We make excuses for his abuses. We say it's our fault. We say He must love me because he touches me like he loves me. He says the right words. All the time the reality that we have blinded our eyes to is always before us. We have become a part of a sadistic love affair. Call yours what you like. Sugar coat it if you must. But to come out of it you must see it for what it is. Then you must speak yourself out of the dark place you placed yourself in and come into the Light.

Sadistic Love


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