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 I pray that this book leads someone to Christ. If only one person gets saved after reading this book it will be well worth the effort. If God can use someone like me to carry his word to the lost he can use anyone of you. You can never get too far in the world that God cannot get you out. When it comes to you, God will get your attention one way or the other.

          I ran from God a long time. One day I was driving and my brakes went out. I literally hit the church I was running from. I don’t run from God anymore. My pastor, Truman Carter, brings God’s  word and I write it down and pass it out wherever I go. If people won’t go to church I’ll bring the church to them.

          So just sit back, and let God work as you are reading this book. There are almost a hundred different messages in here. If you can find just one that helps you find Jesus our job is done. I hope this helps you grow closer to the Lord. I want to thank God for giving me a chance to bring his word. I hope you have as much joy reading this as we did working on it. Pastor Truman Carter and Steven Wayne Edwards working for God the only way we know how!

Soul Searching Sermons

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