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Marcello Marganetti had been chosen and a covenant was made with him that in exchange for his loyalty to the church, an heir would be born into every generation that followed him that would look identical to him, bone structure, the shape of his eyes, his mouth, nose, ears, and all. That heir was The Promise and The Promise was the family. The Promise was Marco. Marco would take care of the church, feed the orphan, widow, neighbor, friends, and even enemies. Steeped in Italian tradition only Italian, up until late, men were chosen to sit as heir to the Marganetti's inheritance and serve as "Marco" over the trillion-dollar corporation. Elizabeth Antonio Angelina Marcello James Margenetti, EJ, upset the status quo. She was next in line to claim the throne. Born of an affair between her father, the current Marco, Antonio Nicholas Marcello James Margenetti XVI, and a beautiful African American woman named, Delores Johnston. Despite being mixed she looked exactly like Marcello Margenetti. Antonio made it perfectly clear that he only loved Delores and had no interest in being a father to EJ, even though the sign that she was the next Marco was more than apparent. When EJ's time to sit upon the Marganetti's throne came, hell and high water was unleashed upon her life. The family would not have a Negra, woman, have control of their fortune.

The Promise


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