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The Town of Fakes

They call the truth judging when in fact that's not the case,

It just that the wrong person is speaking the truth, so they'll say they're out your place.

They love every inch of fake but it's the honesty they can't take.

When speaking on others, their mouth opens to do

but when it hits home, lips sealed tight as if they used glue

In this town of fakes, a dictionary is what they need.

Cause a lot of words they use; they have no clue of what they mean.

Sugarcoating ain't never been a thing for me to do

I've always been blunt along with speaking the truth.

Miss me with mess, when I'm only stating facts

Cause downing another is what I won't do.

Just take the responsibility, to stop speaking on others when you have no room to.

The World Is a Beautiful Place Until It's Not


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