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There is a path that leads to the heart of God. It is called “True Worship”. I was caught in the hour of worship by the one who sought the spirit and truth worshipper. I was taken away caught up in a love affair with the creator. There were no spectators to perform for. There was no choir, no instruments playing, Just a sound from heaven that I began to bring forth out of my spirit. God turned his face to me. He has remained here ever since. Out of this place I am able to bring forth so much beauty from his riches in glory. There is revelation here. Mysteries are revealed here. This compilation of poetry is just a peek into my heart. Just a taste of the Goodness the LORD has shown me. They will minister to your spirit. They will heal the broken hearted. They will provide rest for the weary. They were brought forth from a place of worship. Enjoy! Be Blessed!

Upon Entering The Kingdom

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