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Meet Vicky, the super-picky pup! This awesome book is just right for kids aged 3 to 8. It's all about Vicky, a cute dog who just can't resist human food like pizza, donuts, and cookies.

The story starts with Vicky munching on all sorts of yummy treats. But oh no! Eating too much of the good stuff makes her sick. Vicky learns the hard way that eating healthy is super important, even for furry friends like her.

Luckily, Vicky's owner takes her to the vet, who gives some smart advice. From then on, Vicky switches to dog food, which is way better for her. And guess what? Vicky loves it! She realizes that dog food keeps her healthy and happy.

This book is not just fun to read, but it also teaches us about taking care of pets and making good choices for ourselves too. Plus, the pictures are bright and colorful, making the story even more awesome!

"Vicky The Picky Dog" is a must-read for kids who love adventures and learning cool stuff. Join Vicky on her journey and discover how making healthy choices can lead to a wagging tail and lots of fun!

Vicky the Picky Dog


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