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Bullying has become an epidemic. Years ago there was a rhyme kids used to say, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt them." No words don't break bones, but they do break hearts. Words are very powerful and our children need to understand that. The right words can change every situation for the better or for the worst. Positive words create a better world.

Tammie Tubbs, former school teacher turned TV personality and entrepreneur, understands the problems children face growing up, especially in the classroom. Helping a child find and see their worth and value has become an important part of her platform. Tammie knows firsthand the words that children say about themselves and to each other and how they can be cruel, having a lifelong affect well into adulthood. "You Are Not What They Say You Are!" is filled with positive affirmations your children will love repeating and believing.

You're Not What They Say You Are!


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